5 influential fashion icons

She is the political activist, writer, fitness expert and an actress. She likes to keep it simple yet very stylish. The quality that distinct her from her counterparts was the talent to dress up well. Because she was beautiful, others wanted to look like her.

Best 5 Female Fashion Icons of 80’s & 90’s !

FashionLady FashionLady There is no world without fashion! True to her royal image, she ensured to look her best day after day. Madonna has looked to fashion icons of the past to create a persona. Her ability to constantly reinvent herself and her music has helped to secure her status as an icon, and she has influenced a generation of copycats.

While in 80s, she had her brushed fringes, minimal eye make-up and suits that eventually grown into short blonde curls and designer gowns in 90s. Be it punk, androgynous, hip-hop, geisha, western or military looks, Madonna has tried it all, transforming herself one after another.

They are popular even today. The Michigan-born pop star has had about as many looks as she has records. In the end, the design process was quite simple because it was just the three of us. Drew Barrymore was the style icon for her minimalist yet grungy way of donning fashion.

She imposed an image of a hippie girl, who liked to don a peppy loose jeans over a t-shirt and over-sized leather jacket. Having being a face of many fashion brands, the model turned actress went on to be on the cover of Vogue, ELLE and Cosmopolitan among many others.

The next day, every front page was devoted to Princess Diana. For the American model, suits were her signature style, which are still popular today.

She was terribly excited to be trying on huge bouffant petticoats, satin skirts and boned bodices. Yes, she was the woman behind the trend of dance wears. She was sought after by fashion magazines and even got on many covers during her career span. Her wedding dress was made of British-woven silk and had a foot train.

Appearing on fashion magazines and attending runway shows came so obvious to her after her success. Where love for fashion exists, there would definitely be the followers of the fashion trend setters.

5 Influential Fashion Icons

She went to become pretty lass in dresses to androgyny in pant suits to again lady in evening gowns in her wardrobe of life. Her Style Evolution Source: Because of her successful modelling 5 influential fashion icons, she got work in television and films too. Later, the Princess of Wales realised that clothes played an important role in crafting an image to be loved by her people.There are brand new names, red carpet vets who have seriously upped their style game and the familiar last names of newbies from Hollywood's most famous families.

They're the ladies who had a strong fashion showing in and will likely take next-level, sartorially speaking. Meet your icons-in-the-making.

They include Jean Patou, whose Paris couture house led fashion in the s and'30s, Coco Chanel, who brought comfort and practicality to haute couture, Elsa Schiaparelli, who collaborated in her designs with surrealist painter Salvador Dali, Mary Quant, who designed for London's youth culture in the "swinging sixties," and Gianni Versace, /5(2).

From models and muses to designers and photographers, the world of style has no shortage of superstars. We picked the most influential fashion icons sincethe beginning of TIME magazine (More in Style & Design.

Best 5 Female Fashion Icons of 80’s & 90’s! Home» Celebrity» Best 5 Female Fashion Icons of 80’s & 90’s! By Priyanka V Gupta | November 21, The China Syndrome’ that consisted of shirts with big collars, the flicky hair, earring hoops and power suits got her famous among fashion circuit.

Source: killarney10mile.com Getty Images. 3. Lady Gaga: Not only is Lady Gaga known for her best-selling albums and tours, but she’s a fashion icon as well. When Gaga hits the red carpet, steps out on the town, or even walks the fashion runway, she never fails to disappoint.

We celebrate 5 among the world’s most influential fashion icons. Rihanna: one thing is for sure, she never ceases to amaze on the red carpet. From the dramatic and voluminous pink gown from Giambattista Valli, to the precious yellow cape-gown by Guo Pei, to the Comme des Garçons design, a fabric sculpture more than a gown, to the sheer long .

5 influential fashion icons
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