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The essays are an odd bunch. She talks about things that stop being random objects once they are connected to a story, a person or a feeling. Her love of other writers is palpable.

A Plea for Eros: Essays

Art and life are blurred. And so it is in A Plea for Eros. She talks about her grandparents and her parents, about memories and time, about reading and seeing. She cannot differentiate between them, nor does she want to.

A Plea for Eros, a collection of essays she has written over the past 10 years, is no exception. I could not help but highlight lots and lots of fragments from this book because they could mirror ideas that have been fleeting through my mind at times, ideas that I never could quite grasp.

Significantly, in it she abandoned her earlier practice of using heroines drawn from aspects of herself and made her protagonist a year-old man, Leo, from whose point of view the tale is told. Indeed, the shift from her usual medium - fiction - to non-fiction means the self-portraits can become explicit.

She gives the reader the feeling that they are in intimate, even prurient, companionship with her.

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It is a poignant conviction in the light of her detailed analysis in her last novel of the thinly fictionalised sociopathic behaviour of her stepson, Daniel Auster. Hustvedt is a lucid writer, whose spare, elegant prose wears lightly its eclectic reference points. This is a profoundly moving piece of writing: The title piece is a rumination on erotica, a call for us to remember its mystery and ambiguity; she champions a kind of sexual Keatsian negative capability.

The Dickens essay, the most ambitious, brings modern psychoanalysis to bear on the lame, shattered drunks and madmen that inhabit the hinterlands of Our Mutual Friend.

Hustvedt is also an inspiring literary critic. After a while I began to hear him And what exactly creates attraction. She talks about how we ima 4. She strides across these pages: The fantasy lover is always hovering above or behind or in front of the real lover, and you need both of them.

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Iris Vegan, the heroine of her first novel The Blindfold note Iris is Siri backwardsfinds freedom in cross-dressing. I have always loved libraries — the quiet, the smell, the expectation of imminent discovery.

This is a shame, for much of A Plea for Eros is very good.

Me, myself and Emily

I really liked the last essay where she talks about how she met Paul Auster and fell for him and about how she would spend hours and hours in the library I probably really liked this essay because this also really hit home with me. In the next book I will find it — some unspeakable pleasure or startling revelation or extraordinary nuance I had never felt or thought of before.

When she steps a pace away from herself, Hustvedt is the better writer.A Plea for Eros: Essays by Siri Hustvedt. by Joseph Home Library > Literary Criticism > A Plea for Eros: Essays - download pdf or read online.

Rated of 5 – based on 22 votes Literary Criticism Post navigation. A Plea for Eros: Essays by Hustvedt, Siri and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at killarney10mile.com A Plea for Eros Quotes. ― Siri Hustvedt, A Plea for Eros: Essays.

tags: activism. 1 likes. Like “First loves are often terrible, probably because they are first and there is no conscious history into which they may be absorbed.” ― Siri Hustvedt, A.

Siri Hustvedt's new collection of essays, A Plea for Eros, embraces her psyche, herself - and her passion for the Brontes, says Serena Davies. A Plea for Eros by Siri Hustvedt From the author of the international bestseller What I Loved, a provocative collection of autobiographical and critical essays about writing and writers.

Whether her subject is growing up in Minnesota, cross-dressing, or the novel, Hustvedt's nonfiction, like her fiction, defies easy categorization, elegantly.

A Plea for Eros: Essays [Siri Hustvedt] on killarney10mile.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From the author of the international bestseller What I Loved, a provocative collection of autobiographical and critical essays about writing and writers. Whether her subject is growing up in Minnesota/5(10).

A plea for eros essays siri hustvedt
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