Ampersand in academic writing

For ideas communicated personally When referring to an idea presented to you personally in a formal eg. Harvey Thank you for your excellent work at short notice on the editorial, it was spot on and well received. Even so friendly and easy to deal with and has now made my life so much easier.

Hones and Smith maintained that inequality is evident in many layers of society while Hones, Smith and Carey developed on this work looking in particular at gender inequality in society. Unusual or non existent publication dates No publication date: For works with more than three authors: MacDuff has refuted the findings.

Some of these are explained below. Larkin McDermott, Simon and Simon a claim that novices typically use a means end problem solving strategy. We also provide many author benefits, such as free PDFs, a liberal copyright policy, special discounts on Elsevier publications and much more.

Pulati Thank you so much for the blogs you have just written for PremierPhysio. Owners of a firm are regarded as external parties Martin Let me add some writerly flair to your marketing and branding. Supporters of unionism regard social and collective action as essential softening the harsh forces of the free labour market Collinsp24;p I was expecting to have a game of email tennis probably due to a bad past experiencebut Clare got both pieces right first time!

Head of Creative at international marketing agency, copywriter, and owner of Content Cavern, R. Models of competence in solving physics problems.

Trung cited in Lep20 suggests that the implications of the action are more far reaching than was originally thought. Include only the primary source in your reference list. List them chronologically, ending with the most recent work. Her writing speaks for itself. Second and subsequent references to the work abbreviation et al.

Personal communications are not listed in the references. For works with no author given When the name of the author is not given, the name of the article, the date and the page should be provided in the in-text reference.

You may see variations on how the information in brackets is presented. Multiple authors If you want to cite two or more references on the same point, you should put them all within the same set of brackets, but separate them with a semi-colon.

Owners of a firm are regarded as external parties Martinp. When the reference is enclosed in brackets, they come after the surname but when the reference is included in the text, they come before the surname.

The journal aims to encourage the free exchange of information between researchers by being a forum for the constructive discussion and debate of issues in both theoretical and applied research. Currently in the process of being published: A secondary citation looks and is less credible than a primary citation, but if access to the primary resource is not available you may need to use it.

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How to use the ampersand properly

The rate of infant mortality in these countries appears to be falling Bronskapers. Ampersand also offers the opportunity to publish special issues or sections to reflect current interest and research in topical or developing areas.

This pattern is evident in many businesses in Indonesia Wilder et al. A recent report MacDuff, H. For multiple works by the same author When referring to an idea presented in more than one work by the same author, the year of publication for each relevant work is given in the in text reference.

OR It has been suggested that the implications of the action are more far reaching than was originally thought Trung cited in Le,p Ewer, Smith and Keane state that the rationale of the free market is essentially opposed to the collective nature of unionism in the labour marketp1.

Verbal protocols were collected from participants formed the basis for the development of several computer programs which mimicked the strategies experts and novices used to solve problems Larkin, McDermott, Simon and Simon, b.Harvard System: Other conventions in referencing 1.

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Ampersand Usage — “&” or “And”?

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Ampersand in academic writing
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