Analysis william stafford s poem traveling through dark

You see, Stafford was an interesting guy. He used this experience to try and work out in the poem just exactly what his role should be. The last two lines of the poem complete both types of action: The deer turns out to be pregnant and this fact plays on the mind of the helper, who wants to keep the road safe yet cannot stop thinking about the fawn, still warm inside the mother.

There is even a chance that the poem will pop into your mind the next time you drop a burger wrapper. He felt as if the cry in the wilderness was being heard. The animal with a life inside is dead, but the car looks lifelike.

The last two lines of the poem try to solve the problem of environmental damage.

Traveling Through The Dark - Poem by William Stafford

Alliteration occurs in line 4 with might make more. William Stafford - Summary and Critical Analysis In this poem Traveling Through the Dark the poet William Stafford describes how he was moved by the death of a pregnant doe when he was driving a car along the mountain road at night.

Her belly was large. Stanza One The speaker informs the reader that a dead deer has been found, in the dark, on a narrow country road. This is all happening in the dark, symbolic of a spiritual darkness?

Her fumes are warm whereas the doe is cold and stiffened. Surely the deer should be moved, rolled off the road and down into the river.

Analysis of Poem

Even you poetry-haters out there might just find something to like in this one. I dragged her off; she was large in the belly. He describes the car and her activities. Half-rhymes occur or near or slant which help to glue the poem together but still leave room for hesitancy and a lack of harmony: Why Should I Care?

What we do in those moments can tell us a great deal about ourselves. After thinking seriously, he pushed her into the river.

As he thinks hard on behalf of the nature lovers, he comes to the conclusion that the right place for the doe is the river. This is a poem with a major theme - that of Nature versus technology, modern life against the wilderness. This may only be a small incident but the repercussions are vast.

But his focus was his writing. She was a doe and she had recently been killed. William Stafford Source William Stafford and Traveling Through The Dark Traveling Through The Dark is a deceptively simple poem which records the actions of a driver who finds a deer, killed on the road by a previous car.

Although it was alive, it would never be born. Rigor mortis is setting in, the doe has been a good while on the ground and there is nothing to do but drag her off. But he has already decided that the deer will end up in the canyon as is the local tradition.

Then he throws the dead body into the river. It made him think that she was pregnant and her fawn was waiting inside. What will happen next? It is quite significant in the poem because it gives a clear contrast between the animal and the machine.

Pick it up or move on and let the guy in the funny hat making minimum wage get it later? Or has he been made to swerve himself because of the negligence of others? But as is the case with many a local issue, there is a universal point to be made.Traveling Through The Dark by William killarney10mile.coming through the dark I found a deer dead on the edge of the Wilson River road.

It is usually best to roll them into the canyon that road is. Page/5(18). William Stafford’s “Traveling Through the Dark” is a short poem of eighteen lines, divided into four quatrains and a closing couplet. "Traveling Through the Dark" by: William Staffordpoem must reflect on what to do about the dead does, he knows that in order to keep other ppl from hitting her & getting into an accident he must push her into the canyon, but /5(2).

On the surface the poem is a traditional offering - four quatrains and a couplet - but delve deeper and there is much more to discover, as in many of William Stafford's poems.

Traveling Through The Dark. William Stafford’s poem Traveling through the Dark, tells a story of man versus nature, through themes and numerous poetic devices.

In this poem, there are many conflicting themes between man and nature, actions and consequences. At its heart, William Stafford's "Traveling through the Dark" is about that moment when nobody is looking. It is about that moment when we could turn our backs and walk away from our responsibilities without any immediate, personal repercussions (except maybe that pesky conscience thing).

Analysis william stafford s poem traveling through dark
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