Bachelor thesis molecular biology

In such cases, when submitting your thesis you must name a third referee who is a member of the University of Bremen and is prepared to act on Bachelor thesis molecular biology of the colleague abroad and co-assess the viva. In the case of a referee abroad, four copies must be handed in.

If everything is in order, notice of admission and hand-in deadlines will be sent to the examination candidate. Registration for the accompanying seminar is also by printed form. The application must be filed with the examining board within two weeks of the results being made known.

An appointment for the viva should be agreed with the referees as early as possible. The viva should then take place 14 days after receipt of the assessments.

To avoid any possible confusion regarding the hand-in deadline, you should submit the copies in person and only as an absolute exception via surface mail.

Submit in person the copies duly stamped by the Examinations Office to the referees. On request, and always provided the functions of supervision and assessment are not impaired, the examining board may permit another language.

Certificates, academic records, and Diploma Supplement must be issued by December 31 of same year. As an exception and upon reasoned request, the examining board may grant a one-time prolongation of maximum four weeks.

It is also to complete a thesis in cooperation with external institutes see below. As a rule, the function of supervisor is performed by the first referee, but not always: Graduates will be informed when the documents are ready to be picked up from the Examinations Office.

Each of the two referees must have assessed the thesis as being at least satisfactory.

Bachelor's thesis in Biology

Please note that in the event of external referees coming from abroad the University of Bremen is not able to cover any travel or associated costs connected with the referee taking part in the viva.

The referees then receive an email instructing them to return their assessments to the Examinations Office within the following three weeks.

The candidate s should then in good time agree on an appointment for the viva, which should be as early as possible. Furthermore, in the event the person you name is not already known to the Examinations Office, please attach their curriculum vitae together with a list of publications. Upon application to the Biology Examination Board, it is possible that a research associate with at least three years post-doctoral experience in research and academic teaching at the abovementioned institutions or at external institutes or scientific institutions may act as referee, provided the other referee is a professor.

Students on teacher education programs must inquire about their thesis topic from the research groups and professors representing the subject they wish to write on see Research. In the case of group work, the contribution made by each individual member of the group must be clearly identifiable, definable, and appraisable.

The thesis is assessed by two referees. The date of the examination certificate is the date of the final part of the examination. The accompanying seminar is an independent module.

Full-major students write their thesis in their chosen specialty area and should contact their respective professors and research groups.The Bachelor’s Thesis in Biology must be in one of the four academic specialty areas Marine Biology or Molecular Biosciences or Neurobiology or Ecology.

Senior Thesis Examples Graduating seniors in Biological Sciences have the option of submitting a senior thesis for consideration for Honors and Research Prizes. Below are some examples of particularly outstanding theses from recent years (pdf).

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Some features of this site may not work without it. Home > Graduate College > Molecular and Cellular Biology > MOLCELLBIO_ETD. Molecular and Cellular Biology Theses and Dissertations. Follow (), Molecular mechanisms of TRAF6 function in signaling pathways of the oncogenic viral mimic of CD40, LMP1.

PDF. Dassie. The thesis is a written exam to be evaluated by the Faculty in Biology and must answer the following questions: What did you do?

Why. University of South Bohemia in České Bud ějovice Faculty of Science Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry BACHELOR.

Bachelor thesis molecular biology
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