Better execution plan for kisan credit

Bank of India - provides flexible financial support to farmers in order to help meet the expenses involved in cultivation and other non-farm activities, at a lower cost. Published Feb 6,1: The scope of this unique facility also includes term loans for agriculture and other allied activities and is a determining factor for consumption loan.

Based on the annual review, the credit card can be valid up to 3 years. There Better execution plan for kisan credit several hurdles faced by farmers in the process of acquiring adequate finance from banks, such as long drawn-out documentation and processing, complicated practices followed by banks and other financial institutions, delay in processing and also lack of awareness among farmers regarding banking practices and benefits.

Among other initiatives, the government has extended use of Kisan credit cards to fishery and animal husbandry sector. You can use the number to track your credit card application status online.

There is a personal accident insurance cover for farmers who have a Kisan Credit Card, as soon as the customer avails the scheme.

There are also a number of initiatives announced for food processing sector and the government has also announced plans for setting up food parks. Repayment for the amount borrowed can be made within a period of up to 12 months. Agriculture is a state subject in India and the role of the Central government is limited.

SBI - Short term credit is offered by SBI to farmers, for the purpose of meeting the production credit requirements, expenses related to allied activities, as well as contingency expenses. If a farmer is eligible for a production credit of Rs. Income from agricultural sources determines the maximum credit limit.

Once the documents are picked-up along with the application form, the bank will process your credit card in next working days.

Some other highlights include: Withdrawal of cash using the credit card requires very little paperwork and is simple and hassle-free for not just the card holder but for the Bank as well. Based on the land holdings and the income earned from it, banks issue farmers Kisan Credit Cards.

In the latest Economic Survey, it has been pointed out that the estimated growth rate of agriculture is only 2. The writer is Parthapratim Pal. The farmers should have a good credit history in order to be eligible for the same.

Operations will be either though may be through PACS in the case of Cooperative Banks or issuing branch in case of other banks, at the sole discretion of the bank.

Kisan Credit Card India

Most farmers depend on non-institutional means of credit for their immediate needs such as purchase of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides etc.

Representational Image Agriculture has not been doing well. Agriculture is the biggest source of livelihood and employment in this country. National Crop Insurance scheme is offered to the Kisan credit cardholders, which provides coverage for crop loans given under the KCC scheme for certain crops.

Sharma enjoys great discounts on dining with his Credit Card. The facility of revolving credit is available for any amount of withdrawals and repayment made within the credit limit.

Tenants and sharecroppers can also use this card. However, it will not be easy as the global market is very standard-driven and Indian agri exports quite often have failed to meet international standards. Protection is provided against loss of crops due to pest attacks, natural calamities, etc.

Insurance under Kisan Credit Card Scheme: But marketing of crops only through APMCs has been a major hindrance for small farmers.

Kisan Credit Cards offered by Different banks: You will receive an acknowledgement slip on which you can find the application number. Agriculturists can purchase items related to their farming needs using their Kisan Credit Cards and also withdraw the required amount for related expenses.

This credit cards can be used at outlets, as well as to withdraw cash from credit card to make the necessary purchases. Its primary objective is to provide easily attainable short term loans to farmers.

There are also a host of initiatives launched to improve marketability of agricultural products.The Kisan Credit Card Scheme was introduced in India in 99 has since become a áagship program providing access to short term credit in the agricultural sector.


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explore all. Locate Us. Total Control. Axis eDGE Rewards Report Loss of Card. Generate Debit PIN. Latest Offers. Verified By Visa. EMI on Kisan Credit Card. A facility that aims to provide timely credit to farmers, meeting all their cultivation, Farm maintenance and Investment needs.

Mar 12,  · Hencethis research paper mainly focused on quot;Kisan Credit Card Evaluating the Performance of the Kisan Credit Card – IGC The Kisan Credit Card Scheme was introduced in India in has since become a flagship programme providing access to.


Introduction The Kisan Credit Card has emerged as an innovative credit delivery mechanism to meet the. Kisan Credit Card Genesis Honourable Union Finance Minister announced in his budget speech for that NABARD would formulate a Model scheme for. Better execution plan for Kisan Credit Card in India *ASHISH SHARMA (R.R.M.

COLLEGE, Neemuch) Agriculture plays an important role in the development of the Indian economy. It accounts for about per cent of GDP and about two thirds of the population is dependent on the sector.

Better execution plan for kisan credit
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