Commodity chain analysis of nike shoes

Additionally, set incomes will be subject to renewal through raises after six months. Conclusions Commodity chain analysis of nike shoes chains, especially those involving commodities sold by multinational companies can be assessed in a geographical perspective.

In other words, Nike, and other corporations such as Reebok and Adidas, has formed demand in a specific, and lucrative, area of the economy. Politics of consumption Nike commodity chain reveals some issues involving consumption politics. Such new developments such as personalized shoe design and online shopping are the next frontiers to be transformed in the pursuit of profit.

Nike Production-Consumption-Distribution Network With the rise of many health complications, people have turned to exercise in averting many of the diseases and illnesses that doctors maintain are preventable especially through running exercises.

Nike’s Commodity Chain

Nike has also forced its numerous suppliers in these countries to lower their costs as it outsources much of its production.

These countries are also chosen because they provide cheap labor, most of them women between the ages of years Youssefi, As such, running shoes have dominated the market where brands such as Nike, Reebok and Adidas have dominated the running shoes market. Second, Nike changed distribution norms by signing a deal with Footlocker which created a more reliable and efficient market.

Nike has always been in the business of marketing, designing, and distribution, while sub-contracting the actual production of their shoes.

Finally, Nike was never a manufacturing company. In the second time period, post, Nike began making huge changes in product design and advertising. These included issues on safety, health and labor standards to be followed as well as monitoring plans to ensure the plan was carried out Demand Media, Inc.

This has adopted a global platform especially with so many advances in technology such as the internet and other high-tech communication devices such as the iPhone. Although the world is heavily influenced and shaped by prevailing economic forces based on abstract economic factors and theories, the world economy is grounded on various geographical factors.

Posted by Chloe at. These inter-connections occur in various other ways such as when we take time to trace the origins of our meals or phone calls between us and individuals in other continents.

The advertising campaigns associated with the new line were also revolutionary; they were post-modern, subtly showing the product while associat ing it with virtues popular at the time. Their first major success was in signing Larry Bird, who ended up on the cover of a Sports Illustrated wearing Nike shoes.

Basically, the working conditions are substandard where wages are low and repression of labor laws ensure a compliant workforce A.

Many workers in these countries live in squalor due to low wages and research has shown that sometimes passports of foreign workers are withheld to ensure they work in those same factories that are exploitative Read par.

Commodity chains traces how organizations gather and utilize necessary resources in the production, distribution and consumption of a commodity.

The distribution and consumption pinpoint a divergence from this manufacturing areas to the rest of the world especially North America A. Wages were increased and dangerous chemicals were replaced in addition to acceptance of random factory inspections by labor associations in ensuring employees were not exploited.

The approach highlights connections between products, households and Commodity chain analysis of nike shoes in different countries and how they are linked by inter-organizational networks into a world economy Plahe 2.

This is because processes in a commodity chain traverse many geographical areas where it affects people in those areas differently.

This enhances understanding of the commodity in terms of its use, how the production is carried out and its effects on producers and employees as well as inherent ethical issues.

However, most of the products are sold to foreign markets where more people have more disposable income. In a way, these countries also do not have strict measures in terms of environmental pollution as the companies have been condemned by environmentalists for polluting the environment.

Commodity Chains Generally, commodity chains involve how various commodities undergo the processes of production, distribution and consumption.

The geographical pattern that emerges seems currently to pinpoint most production processes of the running shoe to South East Asia countries especially China and Indonesia.Nike is also on a continuous search for more efficient and environmentally friendly techniques for creating shoes.

The environmental impacts from this are positive because of the mass amount of Nike shoes being worn and disposed of each day. Lessons learnt by Nike: Implementation issues in supply chain can have disastrous effect in Supply chain process of an organization and hence great care should be taken while implementing software solutions for managing supply chain.

Commodity chain analysis of a Nike Shoe Introduction Since its creation, Nike has proven itself as a popular brand and it has created niches by selling products such as footwear, apparels and various types of sports equipment. Through innovations like our environmentally preferred rubber, which contains 96% fewer toxins by weight compared to the original formula, and NIKE ColorDry, a revolutionary method of dyeing fabric without the use of water or process chemicals, we aim to reach zero discharge of hazardous chemicals by ” (Nike).

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Commodity chain analysis of nike shoes
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