Education for girl child

Motherhood and childhood are entitled to special care and assistance. Every child shall have, without any discrimination as to race, colour, sex, language, religion, national or social origin, property or birth, the right to such measures of protection as are required by his status as a minor, on the part of his family, society and the State.

There are less female teachers in Nigeria as per a recent update. However the scene was changed during the later Vedic Age and the daughters were considered as a social burden. Only the girls belonging to upper class families enjoyed the right of education and got proper nourishment.

States Parties shall take all appropriate measures In the new millennium, India has consolidated its earlier educational reforms with increased resources and stronger policy commitments for achieving elementary education for all children, particularly girls.

Of late, a new way of thinking emerged in many democratic countries of the world seeking a more effective role of women in the society.

Educate Girl Child Slogans

Since men fought wars and ran the enterprise they started to consider themselves superior of all. Only educated women can understand the needs of the family. The picture in Afghanistan is little different.

Discrimination against girls is rampant and due to the fear of abuse and exploitation, they are kept at home and not sent to school. If one half of our society remain so vulnerable to violence and neglect, how will the country advance or progress?

What is urgently required in society today is a change of attitude. So the female literacy is rate is unsatisfactory and it has a direct impact upon the overall development of a nation and its population growth. Their employment in work harmful to their morals or health or dangerous to life or likely to hamper their normal development should be punishable by law It is important to empower women towards every sphere of life where challenges will prove their importance.

Girls must be given the same opportunities and protection as boys, and must be treated at par. I understand that arguments abound that the more educated women get, the more broken homes a society has to address and hence the more children with a distorted world view we have to encounter.

Girl education empowers her to earn according to her capabilities. Inless than 40 percent of the million women aged 7 and over were literate, which means today there are over million illiterate women in India. It brings reduction in inequalities in the society.

We also collaborate with government officials at the local, regional and national levels to promote girl-friendly learning environments. The steps to be taken Women were given a subordinate role.

Empowering women towards life: What provisions of human right law guarantee the Human Rights of the Girl-Child? Ill-equipped schools that lack separate toilets for girls are one of the major deterrents for parents not willing to send their girls to study.Room to Read is a leading nonprofit for girls' education in Asia & Africa.

Champion their potential.

Our programs keep girls in school. Learn more, donate, or get involved. Girl Rising. Meet Suma, a Girls' Education Program participant. Watch + Girl Rising. Meet Suma, a Girls' Education Program participant.

+. The education for girl child is one of the most significant areas governing financial, economical, and the social culture of any country. No wonder Charles Malikelosaid “The fastest way to change. "We are true to our creed when a little girl born into the bleakest poverty knows that she has the same chance to succeed as anybody else." — President Barack Obama.

Empowering women towards life: It is important to empower women towards every sphere of life where challenges will prove their importance.

It is possible through education only. Educating a girl child is much more than getting girls into schools. In developing countries worldwide, the importance of girl’s education is given the great place of.

GIRL CHILD EDUCATION IN INDIA: GIRL CHILD EDUCATION IN INDIA The Indian government has expressed a strong commitment towards education for all; however, India still has one of the lowest female literacy rates in Asia.

Jul 01,  · In this film we have a special focus on GIRL CHILD EDUCATION.

Girl Child

In the film there is a girl who gets cheated every now and then by various people. The story revolves around her struggles, her fight.

Education for girl child
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