Essay on crime against womens

It is within ourselves. Other common violence against women in the society are domestic violence, acid attacks, rape, honor killings, dowry deaths, abduction, and brutal behavior by husbands and in-laws.

President Obama signed into law the VAWA ofwhich granted Native American tribes the ability to prosecute non-Native offenders, and regulated reports of sexual assault on college campuses.

The violence is at various levels. Sex-selective abortions have totaled approximately 4. This has become easy due to improvements in science and technology, e. Even the threat of it is enough cause for mental agony, and that too is a form of violence.

It is done so to replace the earlier Indian juvenile delinquency law of especially after the Nirbhaya case during which an accused juvenile was released. The causes for increasing crime against women can be attributed to low status of women in our society.

They are deprived of basic educational opportunities essential for development of child. Women are so helpless in the Indian society where many female goddess are worshiped. Around the begging of the Christian era, Manu laid down the Hindu code. Some choose to remain unmarried.

This also made prostitution a part of religious life. Burning witches, with others held in Stocks Sati a Hindu practice whereby a widow immolates herself on the funeral pyre of her husband ceremony.

Sometimes teasing or harassing of women becomes the instigating point for two hostile groups to fight leading to violence.

Violence against Women in India Essay

The attitudes towards women have not changed much. Women generally face various kinds of crime like dowry death, sexual harassment, cheating, murder, girl child abuse, robbery, etc. Working women are exploited everywhere. Law-enforcing machinery must be trained and made sensitive o the issue.

Women also began to be enslaved and prostituted. With the spreading educational consciousness among women, some advancement can be seen on their educational achievement and economic independence.

This quality spreads in society as a whole if it is indifferent to the violence perpetuated on women. On slightest resistance they are beaten badly. Violence against women has grown to a great extent in the free India. System of sati was prevalent which even snatched the right to live. In this act, the juvenile age has been reduced by two years means 16 years from 18 years in cases of heinous offenses.

A huge crowd of anger people come out to the street by having a call for change. Such a huge decrease in the percentage of female child is because of the sex-selective abortions and negligence of young girls during infancy.

Centuries of maltreatment and oppression resulted in the total loss of their separate identity and individuality. According to the research it is found that violence against women begins at home in the early age especially in the rural areas by the family members, relatives, neighbors, and friends.

Eve-teasing is common, for women are considered objects of sex. It is going very complex and deeply rooted in the Indian society even after increasing education level of the people. Though various measures at education, economic independence have been taken but they are far from improving their status which directly or indirectly help at increasing crime against women.

They began to be treated like animals, often beaten by husbands. Then only we will be in a position to eradicate the social ills prevalent in our society. Above all, the moral atmosphere of the society must undergo a complete transformation.

Violence against women which counted as crimes under the Indian Penal Code are rape, kidnapping and abduction, torture physically and mentally, dowry deaths, wife battering, sexual harassment, molestation, importation of girls, etc.

If a wife is beaten, at least partly it is because women are seen as property- to be treated as the husband, her owner, desires.

If she is uneducated, unskilled and economically dependent, a woman seldom has any choice but to bear all the atrocities heaped on her.Long and Short Essay on Violence against Women in India in English Violence against Women in India Essay 1 ( words) Violence against women in India is going side by side to the technological improvement in modern world in the country.

Violence Against Women in the United States: Statistics.

Violence against women

Printable PDF. According to the National Crime Victimization Survey, which includes crimes that were not reported to the police,women in the U.S. were raped or sexually assaulted in Short Essay on Crime Against Women.

Although, women may be victims of all kinds of crime, be it cheating, murder, robbery, etc., yet the crimes in which only women are victims and which are directed specifically against them. In the Violence Against Women Act of the aim was to create laws that allow a person to be punished for a federal crime and not.

Free Sample Essay on Violence against Women. Article shared by. Now women, in their own right are threatened with rape if they dare to speak out against injustice or crime. The activist who for instance, stopped a child marriage in Rajasthan was gang-raped by men from the child’s family.

Essay on Violence Attitude Against Women in. Crime against Women in India Abstract Crime against women in this recent day are growing day by day which are unbearable in every possible need.

Essay on crime against womens
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