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MacArthur was assigned to general staff duty with the War Department and was an official observer with the Vera Cruz Expedition. Despite his faults, General Douglas MacArthur was clearly an American hero whose experience, drive and determination helped see the American Army thorough some of its darkest times and achieve victory for the United States in World War II.

His parents were Arthur and Mary MacArthur. Douglas served in the Philippines as major general, commanded the Department of the Philippines, and served in the U. MacArthur developed right-wing political views and at one meeting argued that: In he was made the supreme commander of Allied forces in the southwest Pacific and by had liberated the Philippines on the way to invading Japan.

Despite some setbacks due to logistical and intelligence failures, MacArthur continued to press the attack against the Japanese. By November of the 42nd went to France to join the war effort. After a couple of advances and retreats, General MacArthur wanted to expand the war with China.

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Eisenhower and George Patton also took part in this operation. Due to this insubordinate action by MacArthur, President Truman removed the General from duty, effectively firing him. Grant III for the spot.

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On his trip to the Philippines, he brought over his most trusted staff and advisors, including his mother who followed him wherever possible.

Pearson looked to be in trouble when Louise Cromwell refused to testify in court. This tour would give MacArthur insight to the region and saw the people there were just as resourceful as anyone else in the world. MacArthur accepted the Japanese surrender in Tokyo Bay on 2 Septemberthen led the occupation forces in the reconstruction of Japan Wikipedia.

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Humanities, 20 3 Finally, on March 12,MacArthur with his family boarded torpedo boats in the middle of the night to meet up with a B that would fly over enemy territory to get the General to Australia. He justified his attack on former members of the United States Army by claiming that the country was on the verge of a communist revolution.

He was promoted very quickly through the next few years and had a great deal of combat experience in several different conflicts, including World War I. One of these figures that had a significant impact on the global war was General Douglas MacArthur.

He was valedictorian of his class of 93 at West Point Kelley Essay UK - http: At this position, he would be tasked to prepare the Philippine military for independence from the United States in and later for Japanese attack when it became apparent the Japanese were making aggressive moves in the area.MacArthur Essays: OverMacArthur Essays, MacArthur Term Papers, MacArthur Research Paper, Book Reports.

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Read this American History Essay and over 88, other research documents. Douglas Macarthur. Douglas MacArthur, the son of the high-ranking military figure, Arthur MacArthur, was born in Little /5(1).

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