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We fear an outbreak of cholera. Punjab, Haryana governments offer help for Jammu and Kashmir flood victims. The Jhelum, in fury, has again demarcated its flood basin, sending out a devastating warning to Kashmiris not to mess with its majesty. NEOC is mandated to function twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Valay Singh, of Save the Children, said that at least 50, people were living in community-run relief centres, mainly mosques and Sikh temples. Other supposedly banned groups have also been quick to extend support, including the charity arm of Jamaat-ud-Dawa, which is led by Hafiz Saeed, a controversial hardline cleric.

They need shelter, food, medicines clothes. It is headed by O. In the absence of civil boats the army pressed into service its BAUTS, more appropriate for assault river crossings than rescue assistance during floods. Essay on flood in assamese language o essay main cause of flood in.

The new breaches flooded farmland and small villages. The trooper further stated that the Indian news channels focused on covering the Army more than the plight of the victims, which was causing resentment among the local people.

Police said some residents of the city had been trapped in the top floors of their homes since heavy rains caused the Jhelum river to surge last week.

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The mud and slush that the Lidder stream in the south and the Sindh stream in the north brought down with their flood waters to drain into the mighty Jhelum announced loudly and violently that forests in the catchment areas of these streams have been felled, making the soil loose and erosion-prone.

Jammu and Kashmir government ministers have called it the equivalent of Hurricane Katrina in Kashmir. Humanitarian 22 Sep For years, there had been warnings that no matter how much the greed and need of humankind to encroach and vandalise rivers, lakes and forests, one day these ecosystems would reclaim their original borders.

DFY would be providing medicine, and equipment support with special focus on maternal and child health care services. We have to be prepared for the worst. The DFY partners in Kashmir are: The Indian Army showing their ingenuity used some old fashioned Indian Juggar and converted their trucks to mobile charging platforms for the people to charge their mobile phones.

Kashmir monsoon floods leave 460 dead and displace almost a million

Essay Help The over the devastating flood of OctoberKashmir floods: Going by historical records, except for its expansion in the north towards Ganderbal and some highlands in the central Badgam districts, the entire growth of summer capital Srinagar through residential colonies, business centres and even government infrastructure creation has for over years been in the flood basin of the Jhelum river that flows through the city.

DFY-USA chapter was one among the important contributors who helped in organizing medical health camps and school activity mass de-worming and health education talk. The southern Pakistani provinces of Sindh and Balochistan are bracing themselves as the storm surge continues down the length of the country.

The first Situation report of the Disaster Management Division that mentions the floods is dated 7 September.

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Knowledgeable observers have singled out the Central Water Commission, which was tardy even during the Uttarakhand floodsinfor criticism. Over 20, patients have received treated at these facilities. Over dead, villages submerged as floods ravage Kashmir Jammu and Kashmir Floods: The programme has been designed in three phases and in first phase DFY had trained 70 state level trainers in Srinagar and Jammu for all the three region.Jammu & Kashmir Flood Response The September flood in Jammu and Kashmir region had completely devastated the life in 8 districts of Kashmir and 3 districts of Jammu.

Approximately 60 lakh people were directly affected and many more were indirectly affected. This was the first urban flood which had completely paralyzed the. The flood situation in Jammu and Kashmir continues after 3 days of heavy rain fell in the region.

Rescue teams are working to help move those in. Kashmir was called the "Venice of Asia" because of the serpentine Nallah Mar.

Most navigation and trade transport of Srinagar was done through this canal. The flood of has claimed over human lives and billions of rupees in terms of damage to private property, businesses and government infrastructure.

Indian army rescues thousands from Kashmir flood disaster – video Nepal and India begin relief efforts as monsoon floods claim at least lives Published: 18 Aug Flood Disaster In Pakistan Essay Writer – anylifes You believe in other forms of cohabitation Flood Disaster In Pakistan Essay Cheap Floods In Pakistan Essay Helpthe Kashmir Essay about Kashmir facing a natural disaster – Words Kashmir facing a natural disaster more than people have already lost their.

Feb 14,  · Dangrous Stone Flood in KashmirSudan Gali, Bagh Azad Kashmir - Duration: Azhar Hashmi 19, views. J&K Flood l CM Omar Abdullah takes an aerial survey.

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