Islam and reality check imagine

In he was supposed to have the world Olympics in Tehran to boost his ego even further. Our Urdu speaking brethren use these words so beautifully when they describe some mishap that occurs in the community in talking about that other nation that can replace them. And we were taken around.

Some were here for over a year and others for a few months and I was wondering how many people had committed suicide. This is not the Islamic spirit that is in us here, but the Iranians are all heart and mind.

Let me begin with the place where I had the first fragrance of this Iranian brotherhood of ours and it happened to be in Rome. First he is called Imam Khomeini. But they Islam and reality check imagine waiting for the Mahdi, and not Khomeini. And you should see the way they look at you when you pass by, they recognize that you are a foreigner and not one of them and tears start rolling down their cheeks.

You see in Iran when someone is lecturing and the name Khomeini is mentioned people stop and everyone says durood on the Prophet S three times. What I found was that everything is Islamically oriented.

– “Islamic Law” – A Reality Check.

Then one of the tanks in the courtyard came out for a training demonstration on how it works and suddenly we hear gunfire and in the distance we saw smoke coming from a few places and some of our young men got scared and started hiding behind bushes, and it turns out that we were under attack from the Iraqis.

As a child my father would repeat the famous formula that he in turn learned from his father. You cant imagine that this cemetery is square kilometers by square kilometers. The Muslims then, among them who were the Arabs at first, were given by Allah SWT the privilege that they became the torchbearers of light and learning to the world, but when they relaxed and failed to bring forth the fruits, Allah swt replaced them with another nation.

In the world today there are a thousand million Muslim, that is, one billion we boast! As you know when this war started Iraq attacked Iran. A day or 2 later on my program I read Behesht-e-Zahra cemetery, again. If the shah had his way, if he was alive and organized it, there would have been semi-naked girls for everyone to stare at and feast upon.

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When it comes to the Shafei, Hanbali, Hanafi and Maliki we are tolerant but when it comes to the Shia you see he is not in the formula that we are taught as a child, so what ever little idiosyncrasies there exists between us and them we cant tolerate and reject we say that he is out because we are programmed to believe in only the four.

Unfortunately we Muslims here in South Africa are like jellyfish, that is we have made ourselves into jellyfish.

And it is only the Imam Mahdi which can clean the world for us. I then asked the next group and so on. Fiasco, retreat failure, the Imam Khomeini is told what has happened.

It makes no sense in any era before the invention of the mobile phone. The mightiest most technologically advanced nation on earth, a nation that can land a man on the moon and bring him back, a nation which tells you which part of the moon they will land and bring them back, they send mars and Jupiter probes.

Laughter from the audience. But the world was unaware of the Islamic movement in Iran. Oh and he was so upset. And I found types and types and types of sick people, a mental sickness that is. Alhamdulilah there is no shortage of man power they only want the tools, and the weapons.The mass murderer was immersed in Islamic and leftwing hate.

Nicolas Cruz has been arrested after opening fire on a Florida high school on Ash Wednesday, leaving as many as 17 dead and up to 50 injured.

Reality Check: Yes, Islam is compatible with democracy

Sep 24,  · "Muslims don't like democracy" or "Islam isn't compatible with democracy" - that's what is often spewed by some of Islam's biggest critics.

But a. Watch video · Reality Check: Yes, Islam is compatible with democracy.

In this week's Reality Check, Mehdi Hasan debunks the commonly held myth that Islam and democracy are not compatible. Reality Check Imagine for a second, you are walking down the street.

Your typical, average day includes dirty looks and nasty stares. Passersby look you up. Because Islamists imagine they have an Islamic State similar to early times does not make it so.

The current “Islamic State” is modeled after the modern nation-state, a foreign “Western” import and product of colonialism alien to classical Islamic tradition.

Sep 18,  · A Famous Speech by late Shaykh Ahmed Deedat which is always refreshing and pleasure to read May Allah swt bless his soul, Aameen " is not an Iranian revolution but that this is an Islamic revolution.

It's a revolution for Islam and little wonder why the nations of the world can’t stomach it because it.

Islam and reality check imagine
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