Overseas employment

Foreign Language Requirements A foreign language that would not be a position requirement in the States may be required for certain overseas job positions. These investigations Overseas employment from a few weeks to several months to complete.

Call this number for current Foreign Service Overseas employment job openings. If you are selected for a position you will be appointed conditionally, pending the results of the investigation.

Overseas agency personnel office addresses and phone numbers Overseas Job hotlines. Agencies with direct hire authority announce vacancies through their individual human resources departments. Physical Examinations Individuals wanting to work overseas jobs must meet certain stringent requirements.

Easy-to-use voice prompts and voice commands allow Overseas employment with any touchtone or rotary dial telephone. This service is operated by the Office of Personnel Management and the phone answers 24 hours a day.

Typically, overseas tours last from twelve to thirty-six months. Peace Corps Recruiting Contacts www. The job announcement will specify if a language is required. The normal rotation of current employees back to the United States creates a large number of recurring vacancies.

Several agencies appoint candidates without the required language skill and give them a period of time to develop acceptable language proficiency Competition There are a limited number of overseas employment positions and competition is keen.

Additional allowances such as a post differential are provided where conditions warrant. Overseas employees also receive travel to their overseas duty station, transportation and storage of household goods, and extra vacation with paid transportation to return stateside between tours of duty.

Teacher Recruitment, N. Announcements list specific restrictions, conditions, and special qualifications. Other employees can often arrange for dependants to follow them at a later date.

For specific information contact the Peace Corps, Paul D. Security Clearance Checks All applicants considered for appointment must pass a comprehensive security clearance, character and suitability check. Employment 24 hour hotline: Dependents Most agencies permit professional employees to take dependents with them.

Thorough physical exams for both the applicant and, in many cases, accompanying dependents require physicals. Applications are processed online at www. National Security Agency http: Individuals on medication or who require special care will not be considered for certain positions.

Overseas jobs

Department of State jobs www. You must be able to physically adapt to the conditions at various locations that may not have adequate health care facilities. Basic Benefits Basic benefits are the same for all civil service employees. Any physical impairment that would create a hazard to others or to yourself, or would reduce performance level, will disqualify the applicant.

Direct Inquiries about Foreign Service to: Detailed overseas employment information is included in the paperback version of The Book Of U. Not all vacancies are listed on this service.

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Federal Overseas Jobs

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Overseas employment
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