Should reality tv be banned

It just means that some people have no taste and will watch any old rubbish. It exploits the vulnerable, and has been condemned by the Mental Health Foundation for doing so. They can know that the celebrities are not god but the common person like them.

Pros and cons of reality TV shows

It also shows us people who look very different from us, and helps us see that actually we have a lot in common with them.

Reality TV is cheap and series can go on for months on end, providing hundreds of hours of viewing to fill schedules. TV bosses like them because they are cheap compared to putting out shows with proper scripts, actors, musicians, etc.

Reality TV programmes are not corrupting. Big Boss Season 7 has ended but the discussions related to reality shows are still on. Elitism is out of date.

Should reality shows be banned?

Reality shows have become quite popular since last some years. TV bosses like this and are cutting back on comedy, music, drama and current affairs in favour of wall to wall reality rubbish. Conclusion It is not fair to ban the reality shows. Every case has some positive points and some negative, but here the positive points of Reality shows over weighs the negative arguments.

Reality TV is debasing and should be strictly controlled, if not banned altogether. It is wrong to label the whole genre as bad just because of a few shows. In the present world, where television is there in almost every house and children form a big part of major audience, reality shows are not favored by a large group.

Let us see what the two groups have to say on should reality shows be banned? In these programmes we see people like us faced with unusual situations. Advertisement Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. Reality television programmes are very popular with audiences of all ages and types.

Most viewers want to be entertained and to escape for a while from the worries and boredom of their everyday life. Reality shows are bad, lazy television. Some are comedy based; some provides family drama, some entertainment and so on.

The BBC and other international broadcasters cover news and current affairs in great depth. People are no longer willing to accept only what broadcasters think is good for them.

That makes us think about what we would do in their place, and about what principles should govern human behaviour.

Reality TV provides an important social glue. If we believe in freedom and free speech, then we have to accept reality TV as an expression of popular and democratic taste.

Wildlife programmes bring the wonders of the natural world into our living rooms. Reality TV is actually getting worse as the audience becomes more and more used to the genre. Usually the programme makers try to ensure excitement by picking people who are likely to clash with each other.

Reality TV is harmless fun.

Reality Television Has Negative Effects on Society

It is intrinsically fascinating to see how people speak and behave in unusual situations. The reality TV shows are nothing more than a filthy serial. Only pompous people and snobs condemn it.

They then place them in unnatural situations, such as the Big Brother house or the Survivor island, and give them strange challenges in order to provoke them into behaving oddly. By creating pseudo-celebrities it contributes to the debasement of popular taste.Should reality shows be banned?

Big Boss Season 7 has ended but the discussions related to reality shows are still on. Reality shows have become quite popular since last some years. Reality shows are considered as the TV shows where no script is followed, there are no defined roles, and people just need to act as per the situations.

REALITY SHOWS SHOULD BE BANNED Reality television is a programming genre that presents unscripted or “Humorous” situations, documents actually events and usually features ordinary people instead of real actors.

Usually involves love, violence, and money. So, to wrap this up I do believe reality shows should stay on Television, but the ones that send bad messages, like “Jersey Shore”, “Toddler’s and Tiara’s”, “Beauty Contests”, “Bachelor” and “The Real World” should be banned from television.

Reality TV is dishonest – it pretends to show “reality” but it actually distorts the truth to suit the programme makers. The shows are not really “real” – they are carefully cast to get a mix of “characters” who are not at all typical.

It is nonsense to say that broadcasters shouldn't set standards or be obliged to adhere to codes of behaviour. We don't for instance allow them to promote racism or sectarianism or to incite violence. Reality TV is debasing and should be strictly controlled, if not banned altogether.

Reality TV is a programming sort that introduces unscripted or "Silly" circumstances, reports really occasions and generally offers conventional individuals rather than true performing artists.

Normally includes adoration, roughness, and cash. Cases of these sorts of shows are, Bachelor, Real World, Idols, and so many others.

Should reality tv be banned
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