Western culture in pakistan

Culture of Pakistan

Demands were made for both independence and the creation of a Muslim state, to which Britain acceded prior to their withdrawal in Yes to find this balance is hard and confusing but we have to come up with one fast before its loo late.

Unfortunately, crimes against women appear to be on the increase but government interventions are being put in place to try and reverse this issue. They are given the freedom to pursue any profession including political This colonization of the mind is one of the root causes of the identity crisis we—and especially the youth— face today.

Are they economical, cultural, or something else? Milaad un Nabi[ edit ] Milaad un Nabi is a known religious festival which is celebrated in all over Pakistan. It is worth noting that women are very well represented in government as demonstrated by the appointment of Benazir Bhutto to prime minister in This is what, following, western liberal concepts has done to us therefore we are getting entrapped deeper into the web of westernization.

It frequently, however, is communicated in Roman characters, diminishing the importance of Urdu script. Please continue thinking about these issues as they are relevant to this topic and shape its discourse.

Silence is often used as a communication tool. Many countries and groups of people are struggling with similar issues, having also emerged from a colonial past.

Western culture sway on Pakistan

This cultural circumstance began after independence, though it was fostered long before by British powers. Each country has its own mother language and they are not just a way of communication but also a part of their culture.

The Pakistani youth, which forms the majority of the population, are quickly being influenced as they are the most vulnerable. There has been a noticeable increase in the number of famous Western food chain outlets in Pakistan. Some examples of Pakistani love for arts are as follows: Show respect for the elders by greeting them first.

Most Pakistanis are moving away from their mother language and adopting English. Human Rights Western influence on human rights in Pakistan is a complicated issue and came from many sources.

Provision of Human Rights: Moreover, Urdu or English? The Pakistan national cricket team won the Cricket World Cup inwere runners-up inand co-hosted the games in and This has polarized our culture as more people are moving away from the teachings of Islam and from traditional customs in general.

The media of today is exploiting the personalities of new generation. And this has improved the image of the judiciary amongst the people as they now feel that their grievances will be listened to and appropriate action will also be taken. Westernization has been part of the modernization process, which in no sense can be regarded as harmful.

Most Pakistanis are moving away from their mother language and adopting English. Westernization has influenced every aspect of daily life ranging from cuisine to the basic human right.

Most of the people are not proud to speak our own language now and this is mostly seen in the middle and upper class. Mourning of Muharram Muharram is a month of remembrance and modern Shia meditation that is often considered synonymous with Ashura.

Westernization has been spread through out our country predominantly because of the media. Eat only with the right hand. How does one form identity in a post-colonial world?

Westernized Culture in Pakistan

Religious and Moral Values: Pakistan is a federal parliamentary republic. Beginning of 20th century, western culture has increased; a step towards disaster. On these days, there are national holidays and many festival events that take place to celebrate Eid.

You may arrive up to one hour later than the stipulated time when invited to a party. Early in the morning, a 21 cannon salute is given to all those who contributed and lost their lives for attaining Independence.

If possible, it is best to answer these questions. Unfortunately however, this festival has been banned in many areas for the immediate future due to accidents and deaths associated with the festival. Lunch is typically rice and a meat based curry.

Impact of Western Culture on Pakistani Society

Japanese Culture Western People GoodThe Impact of Western culture on Pakistani culture has had both positive and negative effects on Pakistani society, though the negative effects outweigh the positive ones by quite a margin. Provision of Human Rights: The first and the most prominent is the Freedom of Press, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Action.

Effects of Westernization on the Culture of Pakistan

Influence of western culture in pakistan 1. Influence of western culture in Pakistan 2. Group members Sajal aftab Iftikhar Shahid Mubeen Ashfaq killarney10mile.coml Asif Fahid Akbar 3.

The Cultural Changes of Pakistan Born on August 14,Pakistan has seen many changes over the decades. Struggling to find its own footing in the world, we find out how culture. Western Companies and Their Western Cultures SOC Rachael Horn November 29, Western Companies and Their Western Cultures Wal-Mart is the largest corporation in the world, with stores in over 15 countries around the world.

Wal-Mart’s success is due mostly to their ability to sell goods at low prices and their ability to create a. The culture of Pakistan is very assorted, which each ethnic group deriving its identity from its characteristics cultural values and norms which eventually makes it distinct from others.

Beginning of 20th century, western culture has increased; a step towards disaster. Language in Pakistan; Pakistani Culture & Society; Social Customs & Etiquette; Busuness Culture and Practice; Quiz; Pakistan as we know it today is situated in a part of the world that was previously home to the ancient ‘Indus Valley’ civilisation which dates to the Bronze age.

Western culture in pakistan
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