William bradford versus john winthrop essay

The Massachusetts Bay settlers, as historian Nathaniel Philbrick points out in his book Mayflower, were more ambitious, more eager for financial success. Bradford was raised in a rural town, orphaned at a young age and was, for the most part, self-educated.

Plymouth was established first but would quickly be surpassed by its neighbor to the north. Not to read into it too much but this little episode says something about his character—or perhaps more about the culture in which he lived. The footpath they followed crossed a tributary of the North River at a shallow ford.

The governor of Plymouth, Mr. In October ofGov. The two colonies also differed somewhat on religion, Plymouth being more tolerant by comparison. Bradford accompanied him a few miles in the dark hours before dawn.

I tried to imagine it as a forlorn ford in the woods, halfway between two tiny colonies. Closer to the ocean, the river is wide and offers some striking vistas. Although they pledged to help one another, the two colonies would eventually build up something of a mutual grudge.

Winthrop and his small entourage took a boat from Boston to Wessagusset now Weymouth and then commenced the 25 mile walk to Plymouth over footpaths that meandered through forests and meadows a good portion of the route he followed is now Route And I do mean roughly.

Modern Route 53 roughly follows the old colonial path from Plymouth to Boston. Then, taking his leave, Bradford headed back towards Plymouth. This image has always struck me as funny.

But, he was a gentleman. What does it really matter if he gets a little dirty? And Luddam trudging across the rocky riverbed, immersed halfway in black water with a governor on his back. Go a bit upriver from the bridge and narrows to a stream, easily forded. The name has stuck to this day.

Not quite shallow enough for Winthrop, however. I can only imagine how ludicrous this scene must have looked.

Every time I cross over that bridge, the same story jumps to mind about two men crossing that stream back when the entire area was wilderness.

Such a journey, in those days, was made either by boat or by foot.

Winthrop contrasted with Bradford

But this rivalry had yet to evolve in when Winthrop made his trek from Boston to Plymouth.By comparing Bradford and the Pilgrims with John Winthrop and the Puritans, a different picture of the New England environment emerges.

William Bradford () was the most famous of the Pilgrims who. Contrasting William Bradford's Of Plymouth Plantation and John Smith's A Description of New England - Of Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford and A Description of New England by John Smith are essentially irrelevant to one another in the way that each piece has a very different point of view.

William Bradford and John Winthrop were two very influential men of their times. Both held powerful ties with God. Even though both Bradford and Winthrop's lives had many contrasts, their views of God are the same in that they view the relationship between God and Man as a teacher educating a student.

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William Bradford versus John Winthrop. 1. William Bradford () was one of the leaders of colonial killarney10mile.comrd arrived at Cape Cod on November 11,on the flagship Mayflower.

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He was one of the authors of The Mayflower Compact. His greatest contribution to early writing is his History of Plymouth Plantation, William Bradford versus John Winthrop Essay by asian, University, Bachelor's, March download word file, 5 pages download word file, 5 pages 9 votes/5(9).

William bradford versus john winthrop essay
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