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If you have a pre-existing condition, and is an international student like myself, it helps to have a copy of your previous prescriptions and reports.

The staff are very co-operative. If you miss the appointment, you may have to pay a fee. I have heard that a lot of students had an unpleasant experience with the hospital, but I have to disagree. Sometimes the card takes a long time to arrive, and in cases like this the number itself is sufficient.

Student Health Services Online Its very important that you reset the password of the online account within 24 hours. Students will receive all the information on how to get the I-med in an email prior to coming to UBC.

UBC Hospital

If you have been given tests, make sure you have your study permit when you pay for the tests. UBC Hospital Contact Show up 15 minutes before the appointment time, because you need to fill up consent forms.

The UBC hospital has a beautiful fountain at the back entrance. UBC will provide a temporary medical insurance called iMed. They will give you your MSP number and the date when it activates.

This is a general guideline of how to set an appointment, and the things that you need in order to use the services of the UBC hospital. Be like Justin Bieber.

He called me himself with my test results, and told me not to worry too much about the midterms. They are usually packed, so you should call as soon as you can and set an appointment.

The insurance company will not pay for the difference I called and checked. If you have to buy medicines, go to the shoppers drug mart, and show them the prescription.

Before you go to the UBC Hospital, read this.

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Search The University of British Columbia. Visit RateMDs for trusted reviews and ratings on UBC Hospital in Vancouver. Get phone & address info, maps, doctors at this location & more/5.

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Write away ubc hospital
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