Yale economics senior thesis

The work has led him to appreciate the importance of personal preferences in choosing what to study, he said. He wrote a senior thesis on the regulation of surface-freight transportation, which was supervised by economist Jon K.

He has devoted a portion of his research to analyzing how the choices people make in school affect their options later in life. He arrived on campus thinking he would major in history, he said.

Altonji frequently employs undergraduate research assistants and intends to hire one this summer. His colleagues in the department are grateful for the steady advice and counsel that we all receive from him. Joe is a leading voice in empirical economics … and one of the most prolific and distinguished labor economists worldwide.

Money does matter, but money is far from the only factor, or even the decisive factor, in determining what people study.

Engineering requires highly paid faculty and labs or classes with a low teacher-student ratio. Similarly, art and architecture requires studio work and close mentorship between students and faculty, which drives up costs, he said.

He cited three factors administrators should consider when deciding to expand fields of study. Altonji started exploring the uncertainty that accompanies the decisions people make about their educations. He worked as a research assistant for two distinguished faculty members, Henry Wallich and Merton Joseph Peck, in the Department of Economics.

You have to be very careful. I love economics and I can easily see that many undergraduates might, but I think many are interested in business careers — in part because it pays better. Over the past several years, his work has focused on the value of college majors and graduate degrees.

College administrators need to find the right balance. The findings could guide administrators weighing whether to vary tuition for certain fields based on the costs of instruction, for example, charging engineering majors more than English majors.

In the late s and early s, Altonji began examining the value of different high-school courses. Instructional costs accounted for much of the difference among majors, Altonji said.

We know that people with M. The field is constantly expanding. Education has long been a topic of interest to economists.

An undergraduate class in econometrics has given him an opportunity to expose students to the statistical methods he applies to their research.

Yale economist examines cost and value of higher ed

His undergraduate students frequently win the senior essay prizes and his former graduate students now teach at many of the leading universities of the world. For example, the courses first-year college students select can shape their entire course of study, channeling them into one field or another, and influencing their career options.

Today, labor economists are working with child psychologists in looking at child development even in pre-natal influences and parenting styles.Senior Essay Library A New Century, a New City, a New Region: Rail Transit in Greater Baltimore A New Century, a New City, a New Region: Rail Transit in Greater Baltimore.


InHillary Rodham wrote a page senior thesis for Wellesley College about community organizer Saul Alinsky entitled "There Is Only the Fight An Analysis of the Alinsky Model." The thesis is now available. While the work by Rodham as a college student was the subject of much speculation in articles and biographies of Hillary Rodham Clinton in the s, access to the thesis.

Economics majors may explore a subject of their own choosing in a senior thesis. In the past, thesis writers have investigated topics as diverse as an analysis of the behavior of black jack players, the impact of charters schools on student performance and the effect of crime on urban residential patterns.

Yale University

Senior Essay. Potential Advisors for Senior Essays; the Department of Economics is one of a handful departments participating in a student peer New Video Promotes the Department.

August 27, The Department of Economics is premiering a new video called, “Why Choose Yale Economics?” targeting potential majors and students of. For a senior essay or any major essay or piece of writing by an undergraduate in Yale College, in the field of the social sciences, politics, political economy and economics, and emphasizing the link between political and economic ideas, and analysis and public policy.

“It was your Econ course that convinced me to major in economics, and having you as a senior thesis advisor and working for you as a research assistant convinced me to go on to graduate school,” he wrote in a letter to Oster several years ago.

Hillary Rodham senior thesis

the former president of Yale and a colleague of Oster’s in the Yale economics department.

Yale economics senior thesis
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